Community, Integrity, Commitment

Harold l. Ford


Change Is Coming

​​Democrat  for​ ​ Henrico ​Sheriff  2019

My name is Harold Ford, and I am committed to providing the most accomplished public safety services to the citizens of Henrico County. I will achieve this mission by providing support for our law enforcement partners and building stronger partnerships within our communities. I envision a department with the paramount level of law enforcement professionalism, detention, and court security that will protect and preserve the Constitutional Rights of all people. Together, we can make a meaningful difference-- for our families, our communities, and our country. 

I have served my country and my community for over 25 years. I am running for Sheriff because we need leadership in the Sheriff 's Office that is willing to stand up for what is right and work hard for all departmental staff, detainees and all of our fellow citizens. My goals are simple:​

  • ​To ​IMPACT people's lives
  • To ​EMPOWER people's lives
  • To ​INSPIRE people's lives
  • ​To ​ENCOURAGE ​people's lives

Harold L. Ford​


"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


  • ​Recidivism

​           Reduce the act of a person repeating an undesirable behavior after they have either   

           experienced negative consequences of that behavior or have been trained to extinguish

           that behavior.           

  • Programs, Education, Training & Jobs 

​​           ​Continue to build on the current programs making them stronger and more effective by;
                1. Developing partnerships with Department of Transportation for apprenticeship programs
                2. Providing Veteran's services within connecting employable jobs (DARS- Department of Aging 

                    and Rehabilitative Services, VA, etc.)

                3. Connecting with CTE-Career Technical Education & Adult Education in 

                    developing certifications with WIOA-Workforce Innovation Opportunities Act formerly WIA 
                4. Increasing partnerships with Henrico County Public Schools,  J. Sargent Reynolds Community

                    Collage and CCWA-College and Career Workforce            ​​


  • Morale

​​           ​Take an active and genuine interest in all departmental staff, excluding      

           unprofessional bias and increasing transparency.

  • ​Pay

​​           Work in partnership with County Supervisors & state government to find

           and implement strategies geared toward increasing salary of staff.  

  • ​Staff Support & Safety

​​           ​Effectively and efficiently increasing staff and production as to provide more

           support & safety for all employees.               

  • Training & Equipment 

​           ​Ensure departmental staff receives the highest level of quality training and

           equipment needed.

  • ​Structure

​           Provide a safe and clean environment for detainees with more effective

           structure and programming to allow for a well-rounded future.